Fuel briquettes environmentally friendly type of biofuel

  • 29.03.2016
  • en

Fuel briquettes environmentally friendly type of biofuels as the main raw material for the production of pellets – wood (pine and hardwoods), peat, straw, sunflower husks. Fuel briquettes used in industrial (automated boiler) and domestic purposes (solid fuel boilers, fireplaces).

Fuel briquettes according to their production process, divided into three types:

Fuel briquettes RUF are in the shape of the box (bricks) with standard linear dimensions 6.5 – 9.5 – 15.5 cm. The main field of application – the burning of solid fuel boilers and furnaces. Produced hydraulic presses low pressure without adding any binding substances. Calorific value – from 4400 kcal \ kg;
Fuel briquettes NESTRO have a cylindrical shape that resembles wood outside. Therefore, it is most often used for fireplaces. They have standard sizes: 30 cm – length and 6 cm in diameter. Calorific value – from 4400 kcal \ kg;
Fuel briquettes Pini & Kaymayut hexagon shape (or irregular polygon), with a hole in the middle. Made a type of cake by high pressure and high temperature. Calorific value – from 4500 kcal \ kg.

Паливні брикети екологічно чистий вид біопаливаThe standard packaging of fuel pellets (retail customers) is a package of 8-16 cake, wrapped in thermo, weighing up to 10 kh.Dlya wholesale and industrial customers consist briquettes on pallets, wrapped in thermo, weighing 1 tonny.Transportuvatysya briquettes can any kind of freight transport (including the tail).

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