Fuel briquettes – are pressed into neat blocks shavings and sawdust.

  • 29.03.2016
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Fuel briquettes  – are pressed into neat blocks shavings and sawdust.

The shape of the briquettes are different: like Pollyanna cylindrical briquettes (NESTRO), square “bricks» (RUF), polyhedrons with holes (Pini -Key).
Briquettes burn well in stoves, fireplaces, grills, central heating boilers, coal and wood-burning boilers, fast and well heated bath and sauna.

In the production of wood pellets  glue and harmful substances are not applied, as by its own substance lignin (wood stands) dried shavings and sawdust stuck together with pressing under high pressure.

The density of fuel pellets 1.5 times higher wood density, moisture just 4-7% (5-6 times lower). Thermal capacity RUF briquettes – 4400 kcal / kg, firewood natural moisture – 1800 kcal / kg of dry wood – 3300 kcal / kg.

Ash bricks is less than 1%. Due to this the cost of cleaning and maintenance of furnaces and boilers virtually disappear, and the service life of the equipment increases. Clean the furnace and boilers will have much less. For comparison, from burning coal produced 40% ash and slag.

Паливні брикети (евродрова) - це пресовані в акуратні блоки стружка і тирса.The advantages of fuel pellets are obvious. But there is another factor that many will be decisive in choosing the fuel pellets instead of wood: together we reserve forest from deforestation and usefully burn waste wood and logging companies.


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