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briquettes RUF

Green Energy Company - producer of briquettes RUF

In recent years, biofuel have benn developing and becoming more promising and cost-effective in the modern energy sector. People are very active in transfering their heating system from gas systems to systems with solid fuel, that saves a lot of money and is especially beneficial for private homes, villas, businesses and so on. Instead of using simple, familiar to us varieties of solid fuel, such as wood or coal, people are gradually moving to more modern versions of the solid fuel - wood briquettes and pellets. Fuel briquettes RUF of Green Energy Company in Ternopil are made of wood and are an alternative and modern fuel for solid fuel boilers that allow obtaining greater efficiency in heating, despite the fact that you will spend less money on it. During combustion, a fuel emits have much less harmful substances that pollute the environment and negatively affects on our health.